If you've not used an OpenCart extension before then it can seem like a daunting experience. There's worry about it going wrong or not working well or not being compatible or even breaking your website.

And that's just finding the right extension, once you've got it installed you have to navigate through a minefield of settings and configurations.

Fortunately our extensions are worry free! They don't overwrite any files so can always be safely removed, they work with all 3.x.x.x and current 4.x.x.x, they're simple and only need necessary settings for their function.

And better yet all of our extensions come with free support so if you do run into any problems we can help! If you need help immediately our premium support package will mean one of our team help you as soon as we're available.

OpenCart fortunately has an in built installer, so installing the extensions is a doddle! Simply upload your extension file to your site using the installer (Button on the left menu) and find it in extensions under the relevant dropdown.

So if you're tempted to try an extension why not give one of ours a try? We even have free extensions you could test to dip your toe into the world of OpenCart extensions.

If you're in need of an extension and one isn't available we can make one for you, simply send us a message with as much information as possible and we'll get back to you.