Our Custom Payment Method extension may not seem like a powerful tool to some, but it has some brilliant uses.

One such use that we thought was genius was one of our clients using our Custom Payment Method to create an admin only payment method through their site which was used when people check out at a terminal in store. This way customers could pay at the terminal and the sale be logged quickly and easily through the website.

To give yourself the ability to allow your sales team to check out an online order in this way simply follow these steps.

  1. Download our Custom Payment Method extension
  2. On your OpenCart website go to "Extensions" on the left hand side of the page and choose "Installer"
  3. Upload our extension, then navigate to "Extensions" -> "Extensions" 
  4. On the drop down choose "Payments" then install or edit the Custom Payment module
  5. In global settings change order status to "processing" and enable the extension
  6. In your store which should show as a tab name your payment method something relevant like "cash/terminal"
  7. Make sure it's admin only (Don't want customers saying they've paid cash already!) and enable

The description would be sent to customers emails but as this is for logged in admin only there's no need to fill it in.

There are other options which can help, for example minimum and maximum order if you only want to allow orders between set values to be processed this way.

This is just one of a number of ways to use this nifty little extension, if you've got something in mind then why not give it a try? The extension is free and we offer free support so get a great feature on your site today.