In the world of online shopping with a huge range of things to spend money on online you've got to ensure you're not turning away customers for something trivial like not accepting a payment type.

Not accepting a certain payment method doesn't just stop some customers wanting to shop on your site, it can stop them being able to. Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can help accept more payment methods on your OpenCart website with ease.

The Przelewy24 payment method lets you accept a huge number of different payment methods, over 400, securely, and our extension lets you easily accept this payment method on your OpenCart website.

Przelewy24 includes fast transfers, BLIK, payment cards, mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay), electronic wallets, and even instalments options. Giving customers this huge range of options increases the chance a customer is able to shop on your site.

Due to its ease, security, and wide range of payment methods, Przelewy24 has grown quickly in Poland and is rapidly expanding across the world.

How it works is easy, you simply install our extension on your site, set up the payment settings including your Przelewy24 account information, and you're good to go! You'll have the ability to offer Przelewy24 payments on your site.

Using our Przelewy24 Payment Method extension you can quickly and easily add this payment method to your site, so download today!